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My Personal Artifacts Museum

museum 1 M-1
This is a super Lost Lake, found in Miller Co. Ga. Early Archaic 7300 BC. To my ol Navy buddies. If you lived at Sidi Yahia Morocco in 61 and 62, you may know me as Andy, speedkey morse code operator 6-62. fla@windstream.net
My picture of the USS Intrepid has re-connected me with several ol shipmates of the Cuban Crisis.

museum 2 M-2
Florida types, large black chert Columbia point, Woodland period. Bottom example is a rare chert Pasco type point from the Middle Archaic period. The majority of Pascos are made of miocene coral.

From Hernando Co. near Brooksville, both are translucent and made of greasy agate.

This is one of the finest artifacts I've ever found. The picture speaks for itself, truly a ten as both sides are equal. Backlighted with the sky to show the six sided polyps and translucent qualities. A personal find on the banks of a cenote in Pinellas Co. Fl.

I hunted points in Al. for about 12 years, here are three of my favorites that found me. top is one of the best quartz Palmer points I've seen from Bullock Co. The other two are different forms of the Savannah River type, Red one is from Henry Co, the barbed one is the finest point I ever found in Al and was found in Macon Co.

museum 6 M-6
Boggy Branch, Early Archaic. 5-6000 B.C., date is tentative
Fl. Two forms found, bulbous and straight stem. Boggy Branch points are usually thick, serrated and made of raw material.

Polk Co. Florida
No description needed, I think it's awsome
Points like this are one in a thousand

museum 8 M-8
Florida Points
Top , Beaver Lake, Found in Polk Co. Fl., Slight waisting, heavily ground base and basal auricles seperates this example from Santa Fe Dalton points.
Bottom, Cowhouse Slough, Middle Paleo, found in Hillsborough Co. Fl.
Refs: Bullen 1975 and Anderson/Puckett 1984

Found in Hillsborough Co. this blade was found in close proximity to three Simpson points. It's made of local chert, serrated and very thin. Personal find.

museum 10 M-10
The name of this form is CLAY, named after Clay Co. Fl. These examples show the wide aray of form this type can have in Fl., Ga. and Alabama. Late Archaic, 3000-1500 BC. Notice the pegged form and the small Clay that was used for a drill.

museum 11 "FL. KIRKS"
Coral Kirk Cornernotched and a Chert Kirk Stemmed.
Both from Hillsborough Co.

A Florida type, three forms pictured
Top: chert, Middle: greasy agate, Bottom: coral
Hillsborough Co. Fl.

museum 13 M-13

A fine Newnan in an exhausted state, found in Hillsborough Co. Florida. It's made of a very colorful heat altered chert.

A personal find from Elfers in Pasco Co. Fl. Urbanization exposed this one. Made of raw fossiliferous limestone chert, sometimes called "Ricegrain" At 5 1/2" long this point is beveled showing it had been resharpened at least once by the ancient owner.

museum 15 "FLORIDA TYPES"
Coral Newnan and a Chert Marion, both from the same site in Hillsborough Co.

museum 16 "HARDEE'S"
Plain/beveled forms from Hillsborough and Pasco counties Fl.
Notice the basal configuration, Hardee plain points are often mistaken for Fl. Levy types.
these three are Coral.

museum 17 "LEVY"
Large for the type, Made of chert, these two were found, (top) Hillsborough Co, (btm) Pasco Co. Fl.
True Levy forms should always exhibit a contracting stem.

museum 18 M18
Bannerstone, gorget, and plummets
Archaic to Woodland cultural periods.

museum 19 M-19
Hernando points and one Safety Harbor from Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco and Pinellas counties Florida.

museum 20 M20

Middle Archaic
Top - Left, Arredondo. right, Sumter
Middle - restemmed Fl Hamilton, right, Hamilton
bottom - left, Sumter, right Thonotosassa

museum 21 M-21
A nice translucent coral blade from the Archaic period. It was found in Pasco Co. Fl. in a Mississippian site. The Cades Pond people evidently found it as a broken blade as evidenced by the difference of patina on the base they reworked into it. It's a personal find, so I know all work is ancient. This point really glows when backlighted.

museum 22 "SIX MILE CREEK"
Top left made of coral other three made of chert.
This is the primary shape for the type.

museum 23 M-23
Hillsborough and Pasco County Fl points

museum 24 "CITRUS"
Top: regular miocene coral, Btm: is made of Pinhead coral.
Both points were found in halves, top one broken by heavy equipment. The bottom was probably broken by it's maker during the notching process.

museum 25 "BOLEN'S"
Chert examples shown with ground bases and alternately beveled blades.

museum 26 M-26
Florida Middle Archaic points..most from the Tampa Bay area

museum 27 "BOLEN'S" These three were found in the late 60's and were given to me by an old friend who is no longer with us.

museum 28 M-28 Osceola Greenbriars First named as a Florida type in the Malwin paper 1962, Also Included in "American Indian point types of North Florida, South Alabama and South Georgia, Anderson 1987 Subtype one, concave base. Subtype two has a bump in the concave base. Most point type guides since 1990 have the two forms listed in the wrong order.

museum 29 A-29
My Hernando and Safety Harbor frame, 12 x 18 frame. Couple of stemmed Weedon Island points in there too.

museum 30 M-30
Safety Harbor points, woodland period. Pictured are Safety Harbor points, serrated and non-serrated. All were found in one single cultural site in Early Co. Ga. Other points found in the site such as Hernando and Hernando Like are shown to show association. Duval points, fiber tempered and early sand tempered pottery were also found.
Refs: Malwin Paper 1967, Early Man Journal vol 2 no 3, October 1970. Ref: to compare with Tallahassee and Santa Fe Dalton points "A Guide to the Identification of Florida Projectile Points", Ripley P. Bullen, revised edition, Kendall books 1975


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