About Son Anderson

The Kolomoki Society Inc, est. 1962 in Early Co. Ga. We are the oldest Indian artifact collecting group in the southeast. For membership please send 20.00 to The Kolomoki Society Archaeological Society Inc., PO BOX 4674, Donalsonville, Ga. 39845.

The main reason for this website is to educate and share what i've preserved. Many rescued from areas now covered with asphalt, cement, buildings, and/or dug up for urbanization.

I like to hunt, deer and turkeys.

I'm just an old Country fellow, U.S. Navy Veteran, and the master of many other trades. I've always worked for what i have and never have taken any government assistance. Might say, I'm a proud Conservative Patriotic American.

My best SW Georgia buck for the season of 2012-13, it was a tough season, only got the one.

1964 near GTMO Cuba
As a Radioman Second Class Petty Officer, This was my home for almost two years during the "Cuban Crisis", "The forgotten crisis" The Intrepid is presently a dockside museum in New York City.