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Artifact 1 A-1 This site does not buy or sale. It's for educational purposes only. To join the Kolomoki Archaeological Society Inc, send 20.00 to Dan Milam, The Kolomoki Society, PO Box 2746 Bryson City, NC 28713. Information about the Society email sonandersonsr@gmail.com. This is a collector society first and foremost. Members get free shows, tables for display and usually get fed well. Established, 1962 in Early Co. Ga.

Artifact 2 The Kolomoki Society

Click on the message board and join us in discussions about collecting Prehistoric Indian Artifacts and various other outdoor activities. This board is monitored to assure it's educational, friendly and a contribution to the hobby. A great place for the serious collector with a good group of folks from all around willing to help others. Providing an instant view of Kolomoki Archaeological Society activities.

Artifact 3 A-3
Late Archaic points found in Pasco Co. Fl. 2-1000 BC.
Artifacts are not my only venture. I'm also the outdoor columnist for the Donalsonville, Ga. News, for over 23 years now. The column is known as "The Son of Seminole". Living on the beautiful Lake Seminole allows me to keep up with the fishing, and wildlife that lives here. If ever in Donalsonville, be sure to visit my artifact display in the Seminole Co. Library.

Artifact 4 A-4
Gilchrist point dating to the Early Archaic prior to 7300 BC or so.
More than likely related to the Hardaway and Chipola types of the same period.
A rare type.

Artifact 5 A-5
Coral Newnan Point
I consider this the finest coral middle archaic point I've ever found. A translucent picture is on the museum page. Notice I have pertinent info on the point by using clear fingernail polish as a medium between stone and print.

Artifact 6 A-6
Hardee Plain type
Middle archaic, made of chert and found by Brad Cooley in Hillsborough Co. Fl. Not for sale.

Artifact 7 Ar-7
Tampa Bay coral points, all except the bottom Newnan on the right. It's from Marion Co and made of chert.

Artifact 8 A-8
Newnan Points
Both found in a cache in Polk Co. Fl., the red one is coral, other, chert.
No points for sale on this site at this time.

Artifact 9 A-9
Newnan point
Made of chert and found in Alachua Co. Fl. This is a very classic example. not for sale

Artifact 10 A-10
Newnan, Middle Archaic.
Found in Pasco Co. Fl. colorful chert.

Artifact 11 Ar-11
12 x 18 frame of SW Georgia Kirk and Bolen points.

Artifact 12 A-12
Florida Blades
Blades are interesting, the two on the left were found in Kirk sites (Early Archaic 5-6000 BC), notice how one basal corner on each is rounded, the other sharp. The darker blade on the right was found in a Hernando site (Woodland, 500 BC to AD 500)

Artifact 13 A-13
Late Archaic Points
Represented are, Citrus, Lafayette, Culbreath, Drill and a super pegged Citrus, all from the Novak Site in Pasco Co. Fl. Three are coral, three are made of chert.
Second picture, more late archaic examples, top left and bottom pegs are from the Novak site. Others are from the Tampa area.

Artifact 14 A-14
Florida types, top row, Jackson, Bradford and O'leno
two small stem points are the Weeden Island type

Artifact 15 A-15
Early Archaic points, Abbey and Abbey-like from SW Ga.

Artifact 16 A-16
Three Pictures
top: Ga. fluted Paleo points from Early and Seminole counties. Middle: two Simpson points and one Suwannee. Simpson on left is fluted, both Simpsons are from the same site in Hillsborough Co. Fl. Suwannee is from Taylor Co. Fl., Bottom picture, two Santa Fe points from Hillsborough Co. Fl. both were found below the early archaic level in different sites.

Artifact 17 A-17
Some Toothy Points
You gotta give it to 'em, they made some serrated points in SW GA. White, and the tan point is from Early Co. the other three, Seminole Co. Ga. Kirk types.

Artifact 18 Ar-18
Florida Thonotosassa and Cypress Creek points from the Tampa Bay area.

Artifact 19 A-19
Pasco cache points
These two were found scattered by heavy equipment in Pasco Co. Fl.
A most rare, translucent chert Pasco Point from Polk Co. Fl.

Artifact 20 A-20
Wacissa points
One of the early middle archaic types. Early co. Ga.
artifact 21 Ar-21
Late Archaic points from Pasco and Hernando Counties Florida
Top and bottom center are super Broward points.

artifact 22 A-22
Expanded Notch Bolen
Made of chert, found in Pinellas Co. Fl.

artifact 23 Ar-23
Florida points, the background measures 8 x 10, big stuff.

artifact 24 Ar-24
Super Bade found near Hudson Florida, that's just north of Tampa. It's over five inches long.

artifact 25 Ar-25
Fl Cypress Creek points, one Hamilton and one Thonotosassa

artifact 26 A-26
Last coral Hillsborough point found. Pasco Co. Fl.

artifact 27 Ar-27
This picture is an 8 x 10, two Kirk blades on each side, Kirk center and bottom center. Top center blade was found near two Simpson points. But it could be related to Thonotosassa.

artifact 28 A-28
Florida Middle Archaic points..Hillsborough Co. Florida

artifact 29 A-29
Newnan in the middle with a Fl. Cypress Creek point on each side. Beautiful red colors the materials have around Tampa Bay.

artifact 30 A-30
1964 near GTMO Cuba
As a Radioman Second Class Petty Officer, This was my home for almost two years during the "Cuban Crisis", "The forgotten crisis"
The Intrepid is presently a dockside museum in New York City.


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