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Archaeology; Features and Information

arrowhead 1 AR-1
This site is an educational site for collectors, and others interested in Prehistoric American artifacts. It's not about money with me, I'm a collector because I'm interested in what I collect, and am one quarter Cherokee from my Mothers side. Murphy and Reed are the names of my Cherokee lineage. No, I don't have a roll number or own a casino, but I'm proud of my lineage of Irish and Cherokee.

arrowhead 2 A-2
Wish I had known there were arrowheads in Morocco when I was stationed at Sidi Yahia, they look much like our Woodland forms.
These are early to late Woodland 500 BC or so and found in Early Co. Ga.

arrowhead 3 AR-3
Late Archaic Forms
Two large Late Archaic Culbreath points from the Tampa Bay area. Second picture, Florida Hernandos and two un-notched Safety Harbor, Woodland period.

arrowhead 4 AR-4
Ocala Points
Late Archaic. Three good chert examples from Hillsborough Co. Fl. This is a rare form and difficult to acquire.

arrowhead 5 AR-5 Tallahassee Once thought to be a Dalton form found in the lower Southeast. Latest data puts it much earlier, middle Paleo, associated with Simpson points. Serrations separates Tallahassee from Santa Fe points, References; Ripley P. Bullen, Kendall books, 1975, Florida Archaeology, Jerald T. Millanich and Charles H. Fairbanks, 1980. Same as with any other point type, this type was produced by many people for many years, so therefore can have different sizes, shape and of course reduction or change in shape by resharpening.

arrowhead 6 AR-6
Columbia Points
A woodland type, top to bottom, Fl., Ga., Fl., and Ga., all made of chert

arrowhead 7 A-7
Middle to Late Woodland
This is an attempt to show transition of point shapes found in a woodland site. Following the Earlier Safety Harbor it's easy to see the shape presist, but in smaller form, then a gradual change to smaller triangular shapes with many variations. If all were named it would take a seperate book just for Woodland points alone. For reference see; Nolichucky, Greenville, Camp Creek, Candy Creek, Mouse Creek, and Pinellas. Bullen, 1975 and Cambron and Hulse 1975.

arrowhead 8 Ar-8
A chert Citrus-like point, Personal find from Hillsborough Co. Fl. This is a classic point, but doesn't exhibit the perfect Citrus base.

arrowhead 9 AR-9
An assemblage of Late Archaic material from Pasco Co. Fl., termed (The Florida Orange Period) The most unique pieces are, the red coral round scraper top left, next to it is an unnotched peg scraper with a round fossil through it. Two large Citrus knives with holes through the blades. One large Citrus knife with very small notches and horizonally lies a Citrus point with no barbs due to many prehistoric resharpenings. The others are nice too, the lot gives an idea of what can be found in such a site.

arrowhead 10 AR-10
Two caches of five Kirk Points found in the same site in Hillsborough Co. Fl. All made of a local raw chert. I bet the same person made both caches. Personal finds. A well rounded collection of the rough to the best gives a collector a better understanding of point typology and probable use.

Arrowhead 11 AR-11
Great examples of Florida Broward points. Tampa Bay area. Late Archaic.

arrowhead 12 A-12
Florida Drills
Middle Archaic, these examples are from Hillsborough Co. Fl.

arrowhead 13 AR-13
Personal find from Baker Co. Ga., made of red claystone. 4 1/4" long

arrowhead 14 A-14
Taylor points
Woodland period, These examples were found in SW Georgia.

arrowhead 15 A-15
Early Archaic
Bullen described a similar shape as Hardaway type 4, but I don't believe this is it. Basal configuration and blade resharpening treatment leads me to believe this is the transitional form between Osceola Greenbriar and Bolen. Osceola Greenbriar type III may be in order.

arrowhead 16 Ar-16, Adena Gorget, found on the Besecker farm near Arcanum Ohio. Darke County. 4 1/8" long

arrowhead 17 AR-17
Kirk Cornernotched
Made of raw translucent coastal plains chert. A tree was uprooted by a storm beside my carport. When I cleaned up the tree and smoothed the ground with a tractor, this point was exposed. WOW!, right at the back door.

arrowhead 18 AR-18
Lost Lake
Made of raw coastal plains chert. Doesn't show much bevel, but has a nice ground base. Found in Early Co. Ga., it's 2 3/8th's long. Second picture, a group of SW Ga. Kirk Cornernotched points, Early Archaic.

arrowhead 19 AR-19
Florida Kirk Stemmed
Found in Polk Co., made of raw chert and is 3 7/8th's long. A big one, usually when this type kirk is found it's exhausted to a nub.

arrowhead 20 Ar-20
Two nice chert points from Alachua Co. Fl.
Lochloosa style Newnan and a semi-translucent kirk, first stage.
arrowhead 21 A-21
A quartz example from Seminole Co. Ga. Eggstones can be found in a variety of materials and forms. Shaped like an egg they usually have a flat or dimpled feature on the small end. Clubs with stone heads similar to our eggstones were documented to be used by New Guinea's last stone age people.

arrowhead 22 AR-22
Celt, Woodland
A personal find from Oct. 1, 1995 in Early Co. Ga. It's the first nice complete celt I've found. made of a fine grained hardstone.

arrowhead 23 Ar-23
Maples blade, archaic period. This is a small but colorful example of the type. Early co. Ga.

arrowhead 24 A-24
Cupped one is from Tenn. Quartz bisquit example is from St. Francis Co. Arkansas.

arrowhead 25 Ar-25
Found in Marion Co. Fl., At 4 3/8 long, 2 7/8 wide at the barbs, thin and made of chert. Although this point was found in a site with many kirks, there were also many middle archaic points found. Some sugest Kirk or Pickwick, either way, it's a nice point.

arrowhead 26 Ar-26
Clay Pipes
Found west of Memphis many years ago. One is an elbow, the other depicts a waterbottle with tally marks around the base.
approx 1250 AD

arrowhead 27 AR-27
Florida and Ga Hernando points from the Woodland period, 500 B C.
The un-notched form is a Safety Harbor point, they're found associated with Hernandos. Some people attempt to name every variation of the types. It only confuses the typology issue. I suggest using typology books published prior to 1990. Free downloads on my forum.

arrowhead 28 A-28
Hardstone examples found in Pasco and Citrus counties Fl. 200-800 A.D.

arrowhead 29 A-29
Pottery effigies from bowl rims.
Duck (NW Fl.), Passenger Pigeon (Decatur Co. Ga.) and Bull Frog (Early Co. Ga.

arrowhead 30 AR-30
I remember the day this beautiful Newnan was found. I was told, no arrowheads would be found in that swamp. I knew better, I grew up there, fourth generation. This was many years ago, but if I was in my 20's again. Can't think of anything I would like better than to go back and dig that spot again. I believe the area is covered with houses now. Drained the swamp, Hillsborough Co. Fl. ran out of water years ago, but they still have building permits.Somebody made money at our expense of losing quality of life.


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